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About Us

Ecoin's mission is to enable mass adoption of Cryptocurrency by bringing Billions of users into Crypto.

Ecoin aims to tackle this problem with the help of ‘world’s first AI driven proxy identity platform’ along with ‘world’s easiest crypto onboarding’ powered by Social Mining, Cashbacks Mining and Incentivized Mining that will eventually lead to mass adoption of crypto.

Ecoin’s unique approach will make crypto-onboarding as easy as signing up to any usual website with your email and phone but will also eliminate fraud almost completely.

Social Mining

Ecoin Social Mining is for time takers who love to invest time over money. Here our Fully validated users Earn Ecoins by participating in various free offer's listed by our partners.

Cashback Mining

Ecoin Cashbacks Mining is for people who love to complete their daily spending like shopping etc. and get Ecoin as Cashbacks.

Incentivized Mining

Ecoin Incentivized Mining is getting small rewards by completing the process of 'Introduction and Identification'. This reward gets released based on Supply and demand.