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About Us

Ecoin's mission is to enable mass adoption of Cryptocurrency by bringing Billions of users into Crypto.

Ecoin aims to tackle this problem with the help of ‘world’s first AI driven proxy identity platform’ along with ‘world’s easiest crypto onboarding’ powered by Social Mining, Cashbacks Mining and Incentivized Mining that will eventually lead to mass adoption of crypto.

Ecoin’s unique approach will make crypto-onboarding as easy as signing up to any usual website with your email and phone but will also eliminate fraud almost completely.

Social Mining

Ecoin Social Mining is for time takers who love to invest time over money. Here our Fully validated users Earn Ecoins by participating in various free offer's listed by our partners.

Cashback Mining

Ecoin Cashbacks Mining is for people who love to complete their daily spending like shopping etc. and get Ecoin as Cashbacks.

Incentivized Mining

Ecoin Incentivized Mining is getting small rewards by completing the process of 'Introduction and Identification'. This reward gets released based on Supply and demand.

Our Team

Krishna Yogi

Krishna Yogi  

Co-Founder & CTO

Krishna Yogi has been a serial entrepreneur and crypto evangelist for over 5 years now. Prior to his current venture ‘Ecoin’, He worked in the corporate world, amassed over 12 years of rich experience in the IT industry working with companies like Microsoft, Deutsche bank & Royal mail.

Having been involved with the crypto industry for over 5 years he felt most cryptos out there are designed for geeks/nerds and not for ‘Average people’. Ecoin was born out of this frustration and is designed for ‘Real mass adoption’ with the world’s simplest onboarding. The growth of Ecoin has proven to be a testament to this vision which is setting multiple records for fastest growth ever in user acquisition with 300,000 users in just 9 days of launch.

James Haft

James Haft  


James comes with over 15 years of business experience, having run multiple businesses both on and offline businesses, Worked with Business consulting firms on Succession planning, Business planning and hitting key outlined business targets.

His passion for crypto started around 2016 before the big bull run of 2017. While he was involved many small crypto tokens, he found his true calling Ecoin- the only crypto built for mass adoption.

Rajat Jain

Rajat Jain  

V.P - Technology

Passionate, responsible and committed IT Professional, with a get-it-done, on-time spirit, and more than 10 years of experience in designing, implementing and adapting technically sophisticated web and mobile applications. Experience in developing high performance/scalable systems. Good exposure to each of the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Developed projects from the stage of concept to full implementation



VP, Marketing

Since 2015, Nikolay has been actively interested in the development of blockchain technology and the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market. During this time Nikolay managed to work in several projects (Hamster Marketplace, Voronkov ventures) making up analytics, attracting advisors and potential investors.

Niharika Dolui

Niharika Dolui  

Public Relations Manager

Communication being her strong point, She entered into the industry of public relationship and management after completing post-graduation. After experimenting her career into various sectors, gaining experience through communication across various countries, She got the opportunity to manage to grow and guide an audience image for various brands in the industry.

Her target is to help the people across the globe to understand the value of Ecoin and helping them in every possible way.

Niharika Dolui


Technical advisor