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Ecoin combines power of 'Social Mining' and 'Stable-coin banking' and aims to be the biggset crypto ecosystem ever

'Social mining' is an new revolutionary way of minting cryptocurrency which replaces expensive hard ware mining through 'sybil proof' Human activities

Social Mining has proven to be vastly more effective at attracting millions into cryptocurrency which helped ecoin acquire over 1.5 Million verified users.

Stable Coins form the back bone of web 3.0 revolution

Stablecoins will unleash secure, borderless & permissionless finance to millions across the world.

The total market cap of stable coins just hit $120 Billion dollars and is expected to go 100x from here in next 10 years.
Top 25,000 Ranking
Interviewed on Reuters


Ecoin aims to unlock the incredible power of the ‘Network Effect’
by onboarding millions of users worldwide and trigger crypto mass adoption.

A Cryptocurrency that is the world’s easiest to ‘Sign Up, Earn & Use’

A Cryptocurrency that uses ‘your Phone as your Identity’

A Cryptocurrency that will onboard 100s of millions of users worldwide and triggers mass adoption.

Why Is Ecoin Unique ?

World's simplest crypto onboarding

Ecoin uses advanced AI to ensure smoothest onboarding while ensuring fraudsters and bots are kept at bay

Yes this is our secret weapon

Blockchain-Based Global “digital Identity”

Take with you “proof of Individuality” wherever you go, 1000s of online businesses, organizations will be able to use this and reward you for surveys, campaigns, tasks and much more.

Zero-risk of data leaks as no KYC information needs to be shared.

Strong Network Effects

Network Effect is a Numbers game

As more people sign up, the value of Ecoin rises more. The more the value of ecoin, more people will sign up. Learn more Refer FAQ

Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing

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Our Strategy to attract millions of users

User onboarding is the toughest part of cryptocurrency adoption.

Ecoin uses advanced AI to ensure the smoothest onboarding while ensuring fraudsters and bots are kept at bay with our partnership with world-class security companies.

Blockchain-based “Digital Identity” will be an integral part of the Digital Economy of future

Ecoin has partnered with Wishoo “A social media that pays you to post, like and share interesting” content.

On wishoo, you will earn 300 Ecoins/ votes with you push interesting content to the top!

You will also earn 300 additional Votes for every friend you invite.

30 days after your sign-up you will earn a “Blockchain-based Digital Stamp” that will act as your “Digital Identity” for life🚀

As you know the real value of a cryptocurrency is its user network and having millions of users onboard would make Ecoin easily one of the most valuable cryptocurrency

Sign up now and become part of the Crypto revolution!

Trade Statistics

Trades Completed


Trade Volume

10.19M Ecoins

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